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POLARCUP - Dual Mobility

Prof. Bousquet and the Medical School of Saint Etienne in France offered an answer to dislocation by creating the DUAL MOBILITY CONCEPT in 1976: an insert locked on a femoral ball head and moving freely in a thin metallic shell. This Dual Mobility principle consists in combining the advantagesof low friction with those of a big ball head.

This concept offers an extremely low dislocation rate, both for primary hip replacement and revision situations such as repetitive dislocations.


Low rate of dislocation

  • The diameter of the joint becomes the insert's diameter.
  • A superior-posterior 6º skirt under equatorial rim guarantees additional stability.
  • The self-centering insert decreases the impingement with the femoral neck.
  • The free insert more easily compensates slight deviation of the recommended cuppositioning.

Low wear rate

  • The optimised cup design prevents impingement with soft tissues and the femoral neck.

Extended range of motion compared to standard cup systems

  • The high head/neck ratio significantly increases the ROM.